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Welcome to the Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City

The Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City includes Orthodox, Conservative and Reform rabbis and serves as the rabbinic voice in and for the Jewish community and the larger Greater Kansas City community.  It guides the community in making religious decisions for community events, supports the rabbis in their personal and professional growth and develops and nourishes collegial relationships within the Association.  The Kansas City metropolitan area, Jewish and non-Jewish, is extremely fortunate to have this long standing Association of good will and united action.


Part-Time Job Position - Jewish Integration Coordinator - More Info

A Jewish Integration Coordinator position is being created by the Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City to ensure the successful integration of new Jews-by-Choice into their synagogues and into the Jewish community after they complete the Rabbinical Association’s year-long community course: “Judaism for Conversion Candidates” and their actual conversion to Judaism. The coordinator will meet with new Jews-by-Choice to explore any barriers to full integration in the Jewish community that they might be experiencing and facilitate personal connections for new Jews-by-Choice within their synagogue home and connect individuals to the general Jewish community. Hours are flexible and candidates must be available during the months of April-May and August 15th –December 31st.

Applicants for this position must have a strong Judaic background and knowledge, and be resourceful and knowledgeable about programs and services offered in the Greater Kansas City Jewish community; congregations, organizations and agencies. Good communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures as well as to be able to work collaboratively, independently and effectively and build and maintain positive working relationships with rabbis, students and the Rabbinical Association conversion class coordinator and administrator is required. 

Interested candidates for this position should submit resume and cover letter to the Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City via email to afprogram@aol.com or to: 5801 W. 115th, Box 113, Overland Park, KS 66211.  Deadline for submitting resumes is February 28, 2015 A detailed job description can be found here.

This position is made possible by the Flo Harris Foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City.



Purim Flyer

The Jewish community will join together on Thursday morning, March 5 for a Purim “Seudah” (a festive meal on Purim day) beginning at 10:00 a.m. at Village Shalom.  The Purim celebration will include a Purim-sing-along, an interactive Purim study, continental brunch, assembling Shalach Manot gift bags and an optional Megillah Reading.  The program will be led by members of the Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City.

There is no charge to attend the program but participants are encouraged to bring a canned good for the JFS Food Pantry. The Purim Seudah is sponsored by the Rabbinical Association in collaboration with Village Shalom and generously supported by the Flo Harris Supporting Foundation of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City. 

Advance reservations are required. If planning to attend, please send an email to afprogram@aol.com or call 913-327-4622 no later than March 1. Indicate the number of people attending and the name of each person.



The Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City is outraged and deeply saddened by the recent attack at the Somali Center of Kansas City, which resulted in the recent death of 15-year-old Abdisamad “Adam” Sheikh Hussain. 

The Rabbinical Association is committed to promoting peace and understanding of all religions and cultures.  We condemn all acts of hate and violence and support continued efforts to prevent such acts of violence against all of humanity, in our community, and throughout the world.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the victim’s family, to the Somali Center, and all people in our community impacted by this atrocity and may they all find comfort and know no more sorrow.

Rabbi Daniel Rockoff - President - Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City




Hebrew Challenge


Day of Discovery 2014 Photos now online



October 2012


We welcome all who seek to worship and study with us, regardless of their religious background and convictions, as the Tanakh instructs us, “Let my house be a house of prayer for all peoples.” (Isaiah 56:7)

However, we also request that all those who worship and study with and among us be respectful of Judaism and our customs. 

There have, at times, been those who believe that their religious duty requires them to testify to their faith in public and to convert Jews to Christianity.  We understand that such people act out of their personal convictions. Yet, common decency requires that all of us respect the religious convictions of the Jewish community, as well. Therefore, we cannot tolerate those people who would damage Judaism or Jews, or who would take advantage of our openness and hospitality to seduce Jews into another religion.  Anyone engaging in proselytizing among Jews at Jewish communal events will be asked to leave that event, and not to return to any events within the Jewish community.

Thank you for your respect for our religious convictions and the decorum that we request of all members of the community we share.
Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City




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